Runtastic Moment Classic RUNMOC

Runtastic Moment Classic RUNMOC

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RUNTASTIC Okos karóra, bőr szíj, Bluetooth, aktivitásfigyelő, vízálló, RUNTASTIC Moment Classic, arany (RUNKOMCG)

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Runtastic Moment CLASSIC aktivitásfigyelő karóra

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Runtastic Okos karóra, bőr szíj, Bluetooth, aktivitásfigyelő, vízálló, RUNTASTIC ""Moment Classic"", arany

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Runtastic Moment Classic Silver (105144) It’s all in the name: Moment Classic combines the traditional design & style of a classic, analog watch with user-friendliness & the useful features of a modern activity tracker. The beautiful leather strap does not just make for an elegant touch-up for every look, but is also nice to wear on your skin. Runtastic Moment adorns your wrist with grace while tracking your daily steps, active minutes, calories burned and even your sleep. Activate its alarm function to wake up with gentle vibrations on your wrist. The progress indicator on the clock-face reveals the progress towards your daily goal (e. g. 10,000 steps) at one glance. Monitor your daily habits and reach your goals with this elegant accessory that perfectly blends with your outfit. The best part: Unlike other activity trackers, your Moment needs no charging thanks to its battery life of up to six months. Connect your Moment Classic to the compatible Runtastic Me app to make the most of its features & monitor your progress. If you choose to connect your watch to the Runtastic app, you can even monitor the distance covered during fitness activities directly on your wrist. Features 24/7 timekeeping & activity tracking Provides information on daily steps, distance, calories burned, sleep duration & cycles, etc. High quality, clean design & innovative technology Reach your goals & monitor your daily progress directly on your watch No charging necessary: long-lasting lithium battery Waterproof up to 300 ft / 100m Materialien Stainless steel case (ø 1.65in / 42mm) Scratch-proof mineral glass Leather strap Embrace Healthy Habits Be In The Know Your customizable Progress Indicator provides real-time feedback on your top daily goal. Go The Extra Mile The waterproof watch tracks your every move, whether you're running in the rain or swimming a few laps. Make Every Moment Count Busy days demand restful nights. Utilize Sleep Tracking with Moment and get the rest you deserve. Effortless Use Long-lasting battery & automatic sync with your Runtastic Me app make daily use a snap. Features Steps & Distance Covering enough ground? Track your daily steps & distance with Moment! Sleep Tracking Your sleep duration & phases are tracked throughout the night. LED Notification A subtle LED light - tucked behind the 9 on your watch! - keeps you in the know. Calories Burned Eating too little (or too much)? Keep an eye on your daily calorie burn. Set & Reach Goals Achieve success with Moment by setting, pursuing & reaching goals. Bluetooth Smart Technology Your data is automatically, wirelessly transferred from Moment to your smartphone. Monitor Daily Progress Effortlessly monitor progress of your top daily goal, directly on your watch face! 7-Day Memory Data collection's a snap! Moment saves your data for up to seven days. Long-Lasting Lithium Battery Charging's a thing of the past! Six-month battery life offers convenience & reliability. Vibration Alerts Various convenient, gentle vibrations help keep you up-to-date & on track. Housing Characteristics Water Shield: 10 bar ≈ 10 atm (≈ 100 m) Funkciók Activity and Inactivity Display: igen Calorie Consumption Measurement: igen Sleep Monitoring / -Recording: igen Kijelző Kijelző: analóg Képernyőméret (cm): 4,2 Képernyőméret (coll): 1,65 Energia Energy Supply: Elemek Type of Battery / Rechargeable Battery: CR2430 Max. Operating Time (Days): 180 Felszereltség GPS-vevő: nem Kamera Kamera: nem Kapcsolat Bluetooth: igen Àltalános Strap Colour: bör Material Housing: Rozsdamentes acél Strap Colour: fekete Colour Housing: ezüst EAN: 9020400113293 Így is ismerheti: MomentClassicRUNMOC
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